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Research in the Parks lab focuses on the ecology and evolution of acoustic signaling. Diverse research topics in the lab span the fields of behavioral ecology, bioacoustics, biological oceanography, and conservation biology. Current projects in the lab involve studies of marine and terrestrial animals ranging from studies characterizing the acoustic behavior of species to experimental studies investigating the behavioral functions of sounds and the impacts of noise on communication. Research interests include studying the use of sound for communication, the evolution of acoustic signals, soundscapes, hearing abilities, and the impacts of noise on development, behavior, sound production and reception.

Parks Lab News


8 August 2016: Hannah Blair's M.S. thesis research was just published in Biology Letters 


15 June 2016: Second paper in the same issue of ESR published by recent graduate Jenny Tennessen showing Lombard effect helps communication in noise


31 May 2016: New paper published in ESR: "Calls of North Atlantic right whales Eubalaena glacialis contain information on individial identity and age class"



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