Parks Lab Holiday Party

This week the Parks lab continued its tradition of a holiday party to celebrate the end of a year of hard work and accepted publications. We ate pizza and treats until we were bursting and exchanged our “Secret Snowman” gifts to reveal who got a gift from which lab member. And most importantly, we poured all the creativity the Parks lab has to offer into decorating a gingerbread house!

We get a little intense in our decorating fervor. Our goal was to make this year’s creation better and more elaborate than ever. With the addition of “stained-glass windows,” I’m pretty sure we succeeded. And we couldn’t resist shaping one of the windows into a whale fluke!

Dana wielded the frosting while Leanna crushed lifesavers to make up the windowpanes.

student frosting gingerbread house gingerbread house student crushing lifesavers

Jess made the most beautiful gumdrop creations I have ever seen, including two wreaths and accessories for our snowman.

gumdrop wreaths

We were all very impressed – Jess is pretty crafty with gumdrops. The rest of us threw in ideas and took photos as our gingerbread house was completed.

student admiring gingerbread house two students posing with gingerbread house

Santa had a slight mishap that was corrected via the application of more frosting…

gingerbread house with broken santa

And, done!

completed gingerbread house

Happy Holidays from the Parks Lab!