Where have all the whales gone?

Oh that’s right, they are still down south where we left them. So yesterday we stayed around Stellwagen hoping to find some whales, but alas there were only a few loners and a couple mom/calf pairs. One of the goals is to tag a mom, but one of the females we found was very emaciated and her calf didn’t look too great either. Definitely not a candidate for tagging…also definitely not worth the trip up here for the Foster when there are so many whales to choose from where we left her. They even managed to tag a whale with both a DTAG and a Crittercam!

Today though the Foster came to Stellwagen anyway in a last ditch effort to find some whales here. It is, after all, the proposed site of the study. Unfortunately, the whales still don’t agree that it is the place to be. Tomorrow we are both headed back south and we will likely spend two nights moored in Chatham to be closer to the action. I did spot a pair of basking sharks and we got to go over and take a closer look. Half the length of the boat and mouths wide open to filter feed, they were quite the sight.